Saturday, October 3, 2009

Juicer Recipes

Juicer Recipes I've tried

Just the basic mixes of whatever fruits or vegetables I randomly mix together. :)

I recently bought a juicer as it was on sale. (got it at a goood price!)

I started experimenting and searching online on what fruits/veggies are good to mix!

So far my favorite:

apple orange carrot juice


apple pinneapple mango dalandan juice

or just plain

apple orange juice

so far I really found yucky:

broccoli cucumber apple orange juice


Banana juice ?
I have recently discovered that BANANA has no juice! Haha I put it into the juicer and nothing came out. :s Hehehe! :)
So no banana juice. The idea of having banana juice sounds yummy to me though. I could just settle for a banana shake/smoothie instead.

Having a juicer is so much fun for me plus I can include vegetables time and again without really having to taste it!

I know my recipes are just plain... I should try checking jack lalanne juicer recipes, haha.

Have a good juicer recipe ? Share it with me! I'd love to try more! :)

I need more juicer recipe ideas. :)

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