Saturday, October 3, 2009

Childrens Birthday Party - Planning 1st Birthday Party

Who doesn't love a Childrens Birthday Party?

Hehe. Well maybe not all. But most mom's I know do!

It's almost our son's 1st birthday party and as early as 4 months ago, I already started planning for it. What mom couldn't get excited panning their first child's birthday party? Although I admit, even though I had planned 4 months early, there are still some stuff to do! But anyway, here a list of the basic needs to complete your baby's party:

1. Food - Caterer
- Food Booths
2. Venue Birthday Decorations
3. Cake
4. Entertainment
5. Host
6. Games
7. Banners
8. Birthday Invitations
9. Thank you tags
10. Prizes
11. Giveaways
12. Venue

Atleast you could have a basic checklist of what you need and once you're done with all these, you're all set!

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