Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby First Birthday Gift

Baby First Birthday Gift

Our DS 1st birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks! I can't believe its so near already. I have been planning it for months now. And now that its so near, I am thinking what to give our baby first birthday gift. Anyone with baby gift ideas ?

I don't want to buy a toy since that is too generic and I want it to be really special. So I guess clothes are out of the question. Which brings me to Photobooks ! I have given photobooks in the past to the special people in my life, my husband, good friend, and now, I believe the idea of giving my DS photobooks through the years starting with his 1st birthday is truly something special. Ofcourse, as he grows older I will have to add to those photobooks but for now, I'm good with the idea of giving a photobook as his first birthday gift.

I have used only 2 photobook makers online:

that is shutterfly - (
picture books - (

Personally, I love all my orders from shutterfly, thats actually where I had my wedding album made. I prefferred a photobook instead of those thick and heavy standard wedding albums. I wanted a photobook so that its really handy and easy to bring around.

And the reason I tried picture boooks company is because they are in the Philippines - meaning, less shipping cost.

Although the quality is quite okay, I stil prefer the print quality and paper quality that shutterfly uses. So, even though shipping costs more, I know I get quality photobooks from shutterfly.

Now I suppose its time to sort DS' pictures! Wish me luck!

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