Saturday, October 3, 2009

Amway Double X

Amway Double X Philippines

Yes I also thought it was a fad.
Whatever. I didn't even want to give it the time of day. But when my sister who gets sick easily (cough, colds, fever, etc.) started taking it she did not get sick! Hmm. "Fine." I agreed to try it for my husband since I wasn't sure if I could since I am still breastfeeding.
Well, my husband, who also ALWAYS has colds, (bad colds) or felt weak, started NOT getting colds, had more energy etc. I was happy that the Amway Double X vitamins was worth it.
By the way, its a pack of 3 tablets that you have to drink twice a day. I know it seems a lot, but after I have experienced it first hand:

I was getting sick - cough, and a bad sore throat was starting. Quickly (after checking if I could drink it while breastfeeding), my husband told me to try taking the vitamins - Amway Double X. So I did. And wow. the next day, my sore throat was gone. SO now, after that I take it everyday and haven't gotten sick.
I shall update you in case I do. (I HOPE NOT THOUGH!)

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